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'm just trying to go about my school life normally but in maths the most unbearable group of somewhat popular people sit behind me. they make ‘ironic’ skibidi toilet gyatt rizzler jokes but it’s every other word out of their mouth in this unbearable false American accent and it makes me want to tear off my skin and swim in the dead sea. just listening to that brain-dead god awful poop is enough to send anyone to a mental asylum. an average conversation between them sounds like this

“I got a question right I’m so skibidi sigma” “yess get that fanum tax gyatt girlypop” “let’s ask sir if he has level five gyatt” “this lesson is so sigma guys”

and they have asked sir if he has level five gyatt, multiple times. the worst part is when I begged them to shut booty traps they just added me into the melting pot of horsespoop jokes, saying stuff like “sticking out your gyatt for the rizzler you’re so skibidi which I know jesse doesn’t like” I hate secondary school i hate gen alpha I hate skibidi toilet this dodo is one of my reasons

no ofence to the skibiditoliet user