Hey Mods: Important Message

u can be moderators?

As I already say before, we don’t have any conection with the company, and increase spawn rate is a thing that we can do

We can be moderators, but we don’t have any connection with @sweezy 's company, we don’t have the abillity to add new bro-mon, increase spawn rate or fix bugs.
Sorry but you need to ask @sweezy (and I believe they already increase the spawn rate many times because of the sheer amount of posts asking for the same thing).


btw how long does it take an average person to finish bromon?

Well, If you are trying on the normal dificulty, maybe 1 month i think, but for speed this, you can try some strategy if you have one, if no: Try to search here on Sweezy Community


ok bro

Not to pick any fights but didn’t you do that here


did you not pin your idea here

as a leader?

just saying

Yeah, I can pin stuff.

So, your telling Leaders to not pin their ideas yet pinned yours???

No, I didn’t pin my idea. This is a message that people need to see, so I pinned it. I didn’t say that we couldn’t pin anything at all, I just meant for Bro-mon ideas. For example, if they made a guide, they can pin it.