Hey Mods: Important Message

Just to the people who has the leader badge:
Please don’t pin your own Bro-mon ideas, so you can give a chance for people who aren’t leaders for their ideas to be seen.

Thank you!

@cloud i noticed u unpinned one of my bro-mon ideas that @SophiaBeifong pinned until Monday. I was just wondering if u could please re-pin it, thanks!

Like I was saying above…

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but i didn’t pin my own post and im not a leader…

and it was only meant to be pinned until monday so that it was fair

hey cloud can u pin my ideas?

Oh okay I really understand

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y i cant belive he isent bannned yet


OH YEAH BABYYYYYYYYY :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

add more chance of spawn rate

We can be moderators, but we don’t have any connection with @sweezy 's company, we don’t have the abillity to add new bro-mon, increase spawn rate or fix bugs.
Sorry but you need to ask @sweezy (and I believe they already increase the spawn rate many times because of the sheer amount of posts asking for the same thing).


u can literally change the spawn rate of bro mons?