Hey! @sweezy when is the new update?

@sweezy plz respond!!!


Don’t worry, Sweezy is always planning new updates for the extension, looking at ideas and expanding this magical universe! I bet it won’t be long before new things can be explored! I believe they are thinking about new types, bro-mon or even new things: Like new rarities and abilities :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@sweezy When will these new unexpected updates come? :thinking:

need a new update

There should be one soon, as sweezy makes updates quite frequently! So there is no need to worry!

Good news! An update has arrived a couple days ago!

this is my best bro mon because mine reset and then someone reset mine and now ive got king of good

I want to see if my fan fav (papyrus)

might get added soon

(It’s ok so take your time)

There’s 100s of ideas currently on this website so it could take a while before you Bro-Monster is added :space_invader::heavy_plus_sign:

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