How many anime do you watch?

just say how many different anime you watch and well see who watches the most.
i watch 23

7 I stated last year then stoped then I conteneld

I watch 0 :sweat_smile:

at least 3

23 same as galacti

0 im gana go crazy anime is myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife

And I was wrong 15

Well, 1…2…3, I think i watched and watching 7 (Naruto, Pokémon, Digimon, Avatar Last Airbender (for me it is), Legend of Korra, Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball Z)… Yeah it’s only Seven

Avatar is not a anime because it is produced by america and it is a cartoon

5, Black Clover, One Piece, Dr Stone, Jujustsu Kaisen, My Hero Acedemia

please STOP saying that to me
for me IT IS
my gosh this is annoying okay

did @iloveonepiece_27604 just make @SophiaBeifong angry?!?!

For me avatar last airbender is anime, i hate when someone disagree but i’m patient

i think it’s an anime and so do most of my friends

me too :+1:

i read one of the books

i dont watch any anime but it looks like an anime to me?

yeah avatar is anime I watch it too even if its made by america

i’m very sorry i was telling the truth and i forogt pokemon

hm, 1 (one piece) 2 (haikyuu) 3 (sword art online)

and if including anime movies its 7 (one if them is my neighbour totoro)