How to Create and Use Polls

Hey there! Want to gather opinions or make decisions in the Sweezy Community? Creating and using polls is a great way to engage with the community. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Start a New Topic or Reply:

• Click on New Topic or reply to an existing thread where you want to add a poll.

  1. Open the Poll Builder:

• Click on the gear icon in the editor toolbar and select Build Poll.

  1. Choose Your Poll Type:

Single Choice: Users can select only one option.

Multiple Choice: Users can select multiple options.

Number Rating: Users can rate something on a scale.

  1. Add Poll Options:

• Enter the question for your poll.

• Add the options you want users to choose from.

• You can add up to 20 options.

  1. Set Poll Settings:

• Choose whether to allow multiple votes.

• Set a close date if you want the poll to end automatically.

• Decide if results should be visible during or after the poll.

  1. Insert the Poll:

• Click Insert Poll to add it to your post.

• Review your post to make sure the poll appears correctly.

  1. Publish Your Poll:

• Click Create Topic or Reply to publish your post with the poll.

  1. Engage with the Poll:

• Monitor the poll results as community members vote.

• Encourage participation by sharing the poll and discussing the results.

Using polls is an excellent way to make your posts interactive and gather valuable feedback from the community. Happy polling! :ballot_box:

@sweezy are you an ai?

Nop, i think @sweezy is a group of people working together

he has tons of idea in his head

well that’s great but some times i doesn’t understand what’s sweezy’s sayin’

he said he was a boy in a post, but yeah if you’re speaking not here then he is a group I think

Yes i see that post
But in one post they also said that they’re a group of people
So idk

What post?

The group part makes the stuff, the him part is the leader I think :))

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