How to Join and Create Groups

Hey there! Looking to connect with like-minded people in the Sweezy Community? Joining and creating groups is a great way to do that. Here’s how:

Joining a Group:

  1. Navigate to the Groups Page:

• Click on your avatar and select Groups from the dropdown menu.

  1. Browse Available Groups:

• Explore the list of available groups to find one that interests you.

  1. Request to Join:

• Click on the group you’re interested in.

• Click the Join button to request membership.

  1. Wait for Approval:

• Some groups may require approval from a group admin.

• Once approved, you’ll receive a notification and can start participating.

Creating a Group:

  1. Go to the Groups Page:

• Click on your avatar and select Groups from the dropdown menu.

  1. Create New Group:

• Click on the New Group button.

  1. Set Group Details:

Name: Choose a unique and descriptive name for your group.

Description: Write a brief description of the group’s purpose.

Visibility: Decide if the group is public, private, or hidden.

  1. Customize Settings:

• Choose who can join the group (open, request, or invite-only).

• Set group avatar and other customization options.

  1. Add Members:

• Invite members to join your group by sending invitations.

  1. Create Group Categories:

• Set up specific categories for group discussions if needed.

  1. Save and Publish:

• Save your settings and publish the group.

• Start posting and engaging with your new group members.

Joining and creating groups is a fantastic way to foster connections and engage with others in the Sweezy Community. Happy grouping! :handshake:

for some reason i dont have the create group option, can you add it to regulars?

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Can we add an image to the group?

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