How to Track and Manage Your Reading List

Hey there! Want to keep track of all the interesting threads and posts you come across in Sweezy Cursors? Here’s how you can effectively manage your reading list:

  1. Bookmark Posts:

• Click the bookmark icon under any post you want to save for later.

• Access your bookmarks through your profile to quickly find saved posts.

  1. Use the Reading List Feature:

• Discourse offers a built-in reading list to keep track of topics you’re interested in.

• Navigate to your profile and find the reading list section to see your saved topics.

  1. Track Topics:

• Click on the bell icon at the bottom of a topic to choose your notification level.

• Select “Tracking” to get notifications about new replies and updates.

  1. Set Reminders:

• Use the bookmark reminder feature to set a time to revisit a post.

• This helps you manage your time and ensure you don’t miss important discussions.

  1. Organize with Tags:

• Add tags to your bookmarks or tracked topics for easier organization.

• Use tags like “important,” “to-read,” or “follow-up” to categorize your list.

  1. Review Regularly:

• Regularly review your reading list to stay updated and clear out any irrelevant items.

• Mark items as read or remove them from your list once you’ve reviewed them.

  1. Sync Across Devices:

• Ensure you’re logged into Discourse on all your devices to keep your reading list synchronized.

• This way, you can access your reading list anytime, anywhere.

  1. Engage with Content:

• Make it a habit to comment, like, or share posts you’ve read.

• Engaging with content keeps the conversation alive and helps you remember important points.

  1. Utilize External Tools:

• Use tools like browser bookmarks or note-taking apps to complement your Discourse reading list.

• Sync these tools with your Discourse account for seamless access.

  1. Stay Organized:

• Keep your reading list tidy by archiving or deleting items you’ve finished with.

• A well-organized list makes it easier to focus on what matters most.

By managing your reading list effectively, you’ll never miss out on the valuable content and discussions happening in our community. Happy reading! :books:

Hey, I just love this new Tips category! These tutorials are helping me a lot!! Thank @sweezy , I hope that you guys still helping more people :slight_smile:

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Hey @SophiaBeifong :wave:
I thought this section would be really useful for new users and those who want to learn new tricks for the forum. Honestly, I was inspired by users’ questions about settings and your guide on how to change profile picture.

So, thanks for your contributions and support!

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Thank you!!
Also, can you please make a bugs section for the sweezy website to report bugs we encounter not with Bro-mon or the cursors but the website itself?

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We have already this one:


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