Huggy Wuggy Bromon

Hi. I’m Mrlizard. And I have a favourite character from a favourite game. His name is Huggy Wuggy, from Poppy Playtime. I LOVE him. he’s epic, he’s scary, and he’s the best. Furthermore, @sweezy hasn’t added ALL the Poppy Playtime bromon, so at least add the best character ever.

Name: Huggy Wuggy
Rarity: Legendary
Type: FanFav
Can u guys make a description?

Huggy Wuggy is a menacing character from the horror video game “Poppy Playtime.” Standing unnaturally tall with elongated limbs, he is covered in blue fur and sports a grotesquely wide grin filled with razor-sharp teeth. His large, unblinking eyes add to his unsettling presence. Huggy Wuggy’s primary role is to stalk and terrify players within the abandoned toy factory setting of the game, making him a central figure in its spine-chilling narrative.

Your welcome :smile:

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What does it mean when it says done?

idk maybe it means I will be added in the next update??? Just a guess

Thats GREAT!


dont get too happy though cuz i might be wrong


I’m sorry, but it’s not a done deal yet. @narutoxkurama do not change the name to done, on Sweezy will. Do you understand me @narutoxkurama

okay I understand

Will someone notify me if it’s done/added?