I accidently clicked off the starter bro-mon page. anyway I can get it back

yea the words are in the title. I clicked off the crome t Rex and cant get it back

uninstall the enxetsion and donlowd the exetison back that will work

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then I loose my progress

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wait how many bromons do you have?

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I have lots. I even have catastrophe

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No need to worry about getting back to that Welcome page; you can still catch all those Bro-Mons on other sites.

But if you really want to revisit it, here’s the link for now:


P.S. Keep in mind, this link might change in the future, but you can use it for now.

ok I looked and it was just a tumble weed. I did encounter the t Rex after I clicked off so maybe that was it…I ended up loosing. but ya its what ever thamk you though

Yeah, if you see tumbleweed, it means you won’t see any more bro-mons on this web page, apparently you’ve already caught a few bro-monsters in your collection.