I have an Idea for a bro-mon named the Tuber


A YouTube Bro-Mon is a great idea


you think they will add it



They might, I think it would have a higher chance if you gave the rarity/crush, catch phrase, description and its type


Rarity: Legandary
Type: FanFave
Says " With All the subs i’ll be more powerful than ever"
Description: Tuber is the biggest YouTuber in the whole universe and with his goal being destroying the whole universe YouTubers mrbeast, pewdiepie, mar rober, op zakoki (me), markpleier, ssundde, jacksepteye, victoryjack and more powerful youtubers will he acheive his goal? request by @Zak0ki

np maybe repost tho since it is 12 days old

ye ur right