I really need help getting more bro-mons, i feel they just never come, and i am really trying to finnd more

please give me lots more

Hello! We have a lot of reports about finding bro-mon faster. You can see that in bro-mon world inicial page it say: Patience is the key, but everyone knows that people still browsing for a full day and don’t finding 1 bro-mon!
I believe that @sweezy is working on a better game quallity for us! So, here is a Tips for you:

You can try the Tabby Tangle strategy (or call like you prefer): Open a lot of tabs and open many websites (the websites that most appear bro-mon for you), then stay browsing and trying finding new bro-mons! I hope that this strategy (that i use and it works very well) help you to give you a lot of bro-mon :wink: