I still have the bug

@sweezy have you fixed it??

you have bad internet prob

no everyone get it shevster _haha

ok but still its prob your connection

Screenshot 2024-06-03 9.37.33 AM


well I cant help you ask @sweezy

ya @sweezy said he will fix but probably later

used to happen to me but my bro mons are placed backwards

if you have trouble tag sweezy


Hi there, that’s unfortunate.

Tell me, do the images eventually load completely? We’ve fixed this issue before. However, there’s a chance that the browser has cached the old configurations. You’ll need to wait for the cache to update. I think this is likely the problem.

To clear your cache:

  1. Open Chrome:

• Launch the Google Chrome browser on your computer.

  1. Access Settings:

• Click on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the browser window to open the menu.

• Select Settings from the dropdown menu.

  1. Go to Privacy and Security:

• In the Settings menu, scroll down and click on Privacy and security on the left sidebar.

  1. Clear Browsing Data:

• Click on Clear browsing data.

  1. Select Time Range:

• In the Clear browsing data window, choose the Time range. For a thorough clean, select All time.

  1. Select Cached Images and Files:

• Make sure the box next to Cached images and files is checked.

• You can also check Browsing history and Cookies and other site data if you want to clear those as well, but it’s optional.

  1. Clear Data:

• Click on the Clear data button to clear the cache.

Let me know if my advice helped and keep me posted.

My pictures don’t load at all :frowning:

Try clearing the cache as I wrote above in my previous answer, and let me know if it helped, please.
We are testing everything and we see that everything works with pictures now. But still I see that I need to figure it out

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its working now and I also caught bromon

It works for me but my bro mons are placed backwards.

It’s a feature to find your Bro-mons more easily!

you must have got it with fb bcuz he/she is a god