If you guys need help with new Bro-Mon names, I can help you

Hi guys! I’m Sushi Panda, and if you guys need me to help you come up names for your new Bro-Mon’s, I can definitely help you with that.

Also, If your looking for cool new features for your Bro-Mon, I can suggest a few things. I’m looking forward to meeting your new Bro-Mon’s!

How nice of you to do that! And also I would like to welcome you to the community @SushiPanda , we’re glad to have you here, if you need help or need to contact me, type this: @Catstrophe Anyways, have a nice day!

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P.S. im not a bot :grin:

Thank you for that! You have a nice day too!

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im making a glow in the daark golem what should i name it

I think a nice name for it would be ghost golem or maybe ghost rader

ooh i like ghost golem

i was thinking of naming it glowem

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The ghost RADAR name doesn’t exactly suit it as well but You could use it

WOOOW that actually sounds cool

You should totally use it

i thought it sounded corny but now that I think about it i’ll name it that! thx

i voted!

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By the way, your Bro-mon sounds really cool!

thanks :smiley:

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Your welcome!