If you were stuck in the wild with one bromon, which one will it be?

For me, it’s most likely gonna be the ench frog just because it has a wand. It might be able to get you out. Rember only one bromon.=)

I would be trap in a room with tea tusk because we could sit around and have tea

Problaly Sunny Starling, even tough we can escape with no difficulty, i guess it could be fun being with the nature and him.


me too Doug

emoji golem,he’s gonna protect me

no, nvm i can protect myself

burger turtle/emergency food

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Cloudphant :]

serpants/spare pants

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DOUG no way

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smorcerer just burn down the forest

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true, then you can find the way you were supposed to go


nlg I use enchfrog

I’ll use my added bro mon, Pro-V-Bas which can tp me anywhere.

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solar flutter, it can fly me away and also give me free electricity:3

you have nothing

so like what you are going to do with electricity