-Ignore this topic, missclicked-

Hi, can you suggest me things to do?

I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling, I lost progress on 2 accounts that I had on other devices and the game still doesn’t work

bad luck

So you know how when you install the game you get a 100% spawn rate bro-mon on that tutorial square? They don’t even appear anymore because of the bug

you did not get one



Wait, I think I missclicked your DM what the hell?
The forum suggested me to private message another user and it got me to your dm wtf

uhhhh what

Nevermind, I bugged the forum.
I clicked on someone’s DM and created a whole discussion, what in the world is on with this forum man…

How can I delete this

who is it in the DM

The Topic??

Yes, how can I delete the topic? I see no button. I created this on accident and I don’t even know how, I clicked on someone’s DM but instead created this :man_facepalming:

uhhhhh I don’t know sorry

this is a hilarious conversation

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