I'm thinking back to some video game cameos for some fun for a new Bro-Mon

These Bro-Mons will be from Doors, you know, the Horror game in Roblox that got popular. I think adding some Doors entities should be a fun cameo!
Name: Rush
Idea: Rush from the Doors, a black shroud of cloudy dust with a skull like face in the middle waiting to kill those who aren’t hidden.
Description: When the lights flicker you better hide CUZ IM WALKING HERE!!!
Rarity: Uncommon or Rare because Rush is about that rarity.
Rush from doors search it up he’s pretty popular!

Name: Seek
Idea: Seek from Doors, a black gooey man with on eye that corrupts everything around it. It chases you through a series of Doors to get to you and kill you.
Description: You better run cuz you sure ain’t hidin! (Idk why I gave it an accent)
Rarity: Rare, or Epic mostly because you get him two times per round and three if your lucky, or unlucky!
Seek from doors, he’s everywhere so I’m sure you’ll find him!

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I have to take a break, so I hope sweezy gets the Idea and brings this on board, love your work!

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i like it