Is this a bug or am I doing this wrong? Custom animated cursors aren't working for me

I’m new to Sweezy cursors and I’ve been trying to use the cursor constructor. For context, I’m on Chrome and everything’s updated and stuff.

Anyway, I’m able to successfully upload animated images, gifs, etc. to the cursor constructor, and in the little extension home page (in the little launchpad window where you select which cursor to apply) the cursor animation looks like it’s working-- everything’s moving and looks like it’ll work-- but when I actually select the cursor, the animation doesn’t work. The cursor appears as a still image.

I’ve tried a few different things–made sure the size is fine (128x128), tried different file types, but nothing’s worked. Using the already available animated cursors works fine. Is there like a trick to this or anything or is this a bug?

The Chrome browser doesn’t support using GIFs as animated cursors directly. As a result, only the first frame of the GIF is displayed when set as a cursor.

At Sweezy Cursors, we’ve developed a method to enable the use of animated cursors, but our “Constructor” tool currently doesn’t have the capability to convert GIFs into a browser-compatible animated cursor format.

We are aware of this inconvenience and are actively working to add such a feature to the Constructor. Thanks for your feedback and we hope to provide this update in the near future!

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Got it! Thanks for clearing that up. Just a suggestion-- the fact that the ability to add your own gif cursors on chrome isn’t available yet, might be a useful note to add to your faq or cursor constructor instructions. Just until you do add it, of course. I was pulling my hair out for like an hour the other night trying to figure out what I was missing! Whoops.

I guess it serves me right for always picking really random fandoms to hyper-fixate on, which is why there isn’t a cursor for the character, but we’ll ignore that lol.

Thank you!

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First off, so sorry for the hair-pulling session! Definitely not what we intended. You’re spot on with your suggestion about updating our FAQ or the cursor constructor instructions. It’s feedback like yours that helps us fine-tune and improve. We’ll look into adding that note pronto.

Now, about those niche fandoms - they make the world more colorful! And hey, speaking of which, if you want a specific cursor design, you can drop your idea right here:

Cursor Ideas - Sweezy Community.

We’d be thrilled to design it for you.
Just don’t forget to specify that the cursor should be animated. So that we don’t mess with this.

Thanks for your feedback and understanding. Stay awesome!

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