Jujutsu kaisen cursors 🐼👽

please sweezys in the website i search jujutsu kaisen but there was non please add any one of them

maybe a collection not in anime collection jujutsu kaisen yay.

:cyclone::boxing_glove: Bring the thrill of the occult to your screen with our new animated Yuji Itadori cursor! Ready to channel your inner jujutsu sorcerer?

Find it here :point_down:

thank u soooo much im a big simp of jujutsu kaisen

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please make more sweezys

wait sweezys but can u make one punch man too please




and i chang the title sweezys

I thought it’d be a good idea to make a separate topic just for One-Punch Man, so I went ahead and made it. Here’s the link:

Any ideas you have, just throw them in there. We’ll do our best to bring them to life.

hey sweezys what about gojo


:cyclone::raised_hand: Hey, we’ve just added the animated Satoru’s Cursed Technique Reversal cursor! Feel the power of jujutsu with every click.

Get it here: