Let's do bro-mon fights!

Welcome to the Bro-monsters fights! Where everyone can use the imagination and create Bro-monsters fights! It is seperated into 3 parts:

1.Which Bro-mons are gonna fight: First we discuss which Bro-mons are gonna fight, the Bro-mon number 1 is the fighter and the number 2 is the opponent.

2.The fight: After picking the Bro-mons for fight, we start! People will choose the attacks and items that will be used.

3.Results: After the fight, people will review the comments to see how the fight went and see which Bro-mon is the winner! Remember! must be fair and make sense

Let’s start off with a basic fight:

Bro-mon n1: CodeBug
Bro-mon n2: Serpants

Comment the fight between these 2 Bro-mons and see the result, after doing that, create your own fights with you own Bro-mons!

Have fun!

Codebug used glitch!
bzzz 70 damage
good game :moyai:

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Bro-mon VS Doug

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galactapanda vs flappy bird flappy bird wins

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:cloudphant: :vs: :kingbara_battle:

Everything was peaceful when suddenly a fight between a KingBara and a Cloudphant began to happen at the moment when Cloudphant passed at high speed through the sky, disturbing KingBara’s silence. As soon as Cloudphant noticed the noise he went down to apologize but the stubborn KingBara didn’t accept it. Soon they started an epic fight! KingBara strikes the first blow: “Flying Crown”! He throws his beautiful crown, which undergoes daily cleaning and is left in the vacuum thanks to Cloudphant who perfectly dodged the attack and then delivers the second blow: He releases several clouds from his trunk (Cloud Disguise) and hinders KingBara, who has never had experience with this type of species. KingBara after recovering from the attack, furiously he throws tons of precious stones, Cloudphant was thrown straight into the bush and fainted… Could it be? KingBara, disappointed in her opponent, sends the guards to go get him: after one of them approaches the beautiful elephant, BOOM! Wind in your face! What a disappointment, a well-trained guard getting hit in the face… Cloudphant faked his fainting and defeat, he came back with everything and started flying, exciting everyone watching the fight! KingBara admits that he has a strong opponent but that he cannot give up: Now that’s a good fight! Cloudphant and KingBara begin to attack each other: The situation was difficult, the bro-mon found themselves in a loop in terms of winning and winning, their determination was impressive! Until KingBara tries to punch Cloudphant and in the end receives a headbutt: The spoiled capybara’s mind was transformed after that headbutt, she admits defeat and Cloudphant emerges victorious. After many conversations, the two “Enemies” became good friends after a lot (a lot) of talk…

End of fight!


Hey this took me a long time

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But I liked it, I think I’m going to create a comic book about it

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Nice i cant wait

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could you do a fitty catstrophe fight?

why do i feel like fitty is a fatter version of hissinghat bc they’re both cats and wearing a hat lol

Bro-mon n1: Catstrophe
Bro-mon n2: Fitty

Fitty was having a wonderful nap, but his peace was removed until Catstrophe appeared: In the local town, Fitty and Catstrophe were great feline rivals, the two competed for the cutest cat in the village: Observation; Who do you think is the cutest cat in this village?

  • Catstrophe
  • Fitty
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From under a shade tree, Fitty growls at Catstrophe, who mocks him back. The battle begins in the village, in the middle of the center of the small town, the angry Fitty, who hates it when his nap is disturbed, starts giving a maximum attack: A nice bite from the chubby kitten really hurts Catstrophe, “Meow, do you think I’m going to leave you attack me you fat, lazy cat! (meow!)” Oh no, he called Fitty fat and then immediately spidered her little body? Fitty with an air of western suspense* “What did you call me?” Angry Catstrophe: "Hey, I called you a fat cat-
Fitty doesn’t allow Catstrophe to finish his speech, in an angry and tantrum tone: “I’M NOT FAT, YOU JAR CAT, YOU’LL NEVER BE THE CUTEST CAT IN THE WORLD BY ACTING LIKE THAT!” Catstrophe changes, he was mocking, now he is serious and retorts- “You, my great rival for years in this city of bro-mon, I consider you strong and it’s time for you to know my past: I’m not an ordinary Catstrophe. Years ago when I was little, I was bullied by other cats who thought my jug was too big and let me slip on everything (yes, I was very clumsy), all the cats: HissingHats, Fittys and even the Monster Catnaps I grew up and wanted. take revenge by becoming the most beloved cat in the village and also the strongest: You, Fitty, are getting in the way of my mission.” Fitty, moved by the story, says that she admires him as a cat but is still his biggest rival. Time to take off the hat, “FITTY’S HAT” is Fitty’s most famous move, where he throws his brown hat at his opponent, which falls on the opponent’s face and leaves him blind until the hat falls off (but he is a very good hat). firm). It doesn’t work against Catstrophe, who uses a jar on his head to protect him from the powerful hat… Exciting! Catstrophe goes all out and climbs on top of the tallest tree and jumps on Fitty, who, heavily hit (as he ate a lot of food in the morning and now has just received a cat in his belly) counterattacks and uses his weight on top of Catastrophe! Will he survive such a heavy cat? Of course he does, His powerful jar protects him from being completely crushed. Fitty gives up the fight and gives up… But why? He was in perfect condition to fight! Because he understands Catstrophe’s current position: “I understand you, my past was exactly the same as yours: I was also bullied for my overweight and laziness… Well, I’m going to let you win this fight thanks to your kindness in sharing the your story…” Catstrophe doesn’t accept victory, “No, if that’s the case, if we’re so equal, let’s share this cutest cat podium!” Wonderful, Fitty agrees and both of them end up victorious!
But speaking of battle questions: Who do you think really won this fight?

  • Catstrophe
  • Fitty
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I’ll close this in one week

Omg me too



Okay… I’m not going to close it then :roll_eyes: :grin:

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do doug and brrrblaze