Let's make a play!

Alright so we are gonna do a play get you lines ready!
Theme: Western :cowboy_hat_face:

@Randomramen8 you filthy little mudblood

FirewallFenrir This is a game for two…

hiya pals (pulls out a patato)

this town is only big enough for the one of us… BANG🔫

hahaha you think its only for one correct but not for you … shots gunshot

dang it

now go to my jail and don’t you dare try me

yes master

escapes jail

breaks your door open. ITS OVER. NAGASAKI!!!



you tried to shot jumped of roof and puts gun in head

you should pay attention of real and fake stuff

remember, I said Nagasaki, that means it’s a bomb, we’re both dead!

laughts at @catstrophe with not a single bleed

oh right, I used a fart bomb

shots gun at catstrophe

hits greedy on you