Let's play a game? The Bro-Mon foodie game!

Cloudphant-pfp -


Let’s play a game? :crazy_face:

Time for have some fun! Or better: foodie fun:hamburger:

How it works? :poultry_leg:

1. A person says a random food. Example: Apple
2. Another person makes a bro-mon inspired by the food the previous person mentioned
3. It would be cool if the person mentioned a food that doesn’t yet have a bro-mon

RULES :pizza:

  • Please don’t stray from the main topic
  • No arguments about appearance or judgment (it’s supposed to be fun)
  • Do not say inappropriate things and be polite
  • Do not add inappropriate or unrelated images to the theme

Most importantly: Have fun! :popcorn:


We have DynaSlice and @cloud idea: FoodFrenzy

I’ll close it nobody will play it