Make bro-mon spawn faster

so when I am reloading for bro-mon I will see one bro-mon at the last second and I will reload and never see the bro-mon again. Also, the bro-mon that spawns the fastest is monster catnap but still, I reloaded and saw it when I was reloading so please remove the animation for when bro-mon appear it would help @sweezy .

just dont reload for bro mon its not the intenteded obtainment method for bro mon.

oh ok that’s good to know

try to hop between websites and search up anything you want on google

so the frequency you visit a website either decreases or increases the spawnrate but it still won’t spawn if the timer’s going only way to get a desired bro Mon fast is to know every bro mons rarity and when it spawns don’t catch them it will spawn back as a different bro Mon in around 5-10m’s

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