Make Enchfrog mythical and make dimenSpherr legendary

mythical PLEASE!!!

no sorry they don’t deserve it


ther’s too many mythicals! all though enchfrog is amazing theres just too many of them!


EnchFrog should’ve been epic instead of legendary it just doesen’t feel like it.

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Hey, thank you to showing your opinion here to us!
Well, recently, @sweezy changed Firewall Fenrir’s rarity to Mythical, and would have a lot of Mythicals if we change EnchFrog rarity too. Also DimenSpherr it’s cool, but unfortunaly don’t deserve to be a legendary, I think that Epic rarity its perfect to it (because it isn’t bad).

I also love Cloudphants, for me if they became mythical would be incredible! So, I really understand you and maybe @sweezy can do these modifications.


Good reply :smiley:

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so amazing at replying! how do you do it!?!

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Well, I said what i really think about it

bruh this is skibidi

no you


i did not know that changeed firewall fenrrir to mythical

NOOO!!! ke!