Make it so moving bro-mon don't...Exsist

almost every time I see a bro-mon they appear in the top corner and leave after 3 seconds. I lost a legendary because of it. its so annoying please just make it so they don’t leave after 2 seconds atleast

Bro-Mons can appear in various locations across the web page, not just in the top corner. They might linger a bit longer or shorter at times, but they’ll always flee eventually. It’s their nature—they don’t want to be caught!

Next time, hopefully, you’ll be lucky enough to click on the legendary Bro-Mon in time and even defeat it in battle. But either way, I’ll make a note of your feedback. Perhaps we can come up with ways to improve this aspect in the future.

Funny thing is 5 minutes after I posted this I caught the legendary(orbchrome) and even posted it here. so…

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