Make KingBara Legendary!

He’s a king! He deserves better than just a :game_die:rare, right?
Screenshot 2024-06-11 7.52.19 PM

ya true

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ur wellcome

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Yes! Cloud could be gone for a bit so he needs to see this happen

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and also we need to replace FirewallFenrir

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What I need firewallfenrir

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no I meant cuz he is mythical now lol

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I got him the day before he got upgraded


Me confused

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believe me i’m confused aswell why would firewall fenrir need a upgrade?

Cuz he looks like a mythical, they already changed it

i fell like there’s alredy too many mythicals…

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well it already happens so you can’t change it

i know


o yes!! he deserves more!

Yes, KingBara is LEGENDARY

did it change already?!?

idk i’ll see