Making Your Profile pic into bfdi characters!

Anyone up to becoming an inanimated object?
Your object (or you can use yourself, just put ME):
Design (Classic or Modern):
(Put yes or no for these few questions)
No limbs:


Screenshot 2024-03-19 10.33.28 AM

Ill try my best!

Wait what’s his name? is this alastor?

can you do thsi
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do mine please!

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me too! personality : ambiverted modern, arms yes legs yes. levitate and no limbs are a no
Screenshot 2024-04-25 8.45.57 PM

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Can you do this image?

Arms: Yes!
Legs: Yes!
No limbs: No!
Levitate: No!

Ty and advance ^^

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Wow! O_O So many comments! I will do my best!






I tried my best. this took me a while… Hope you guys like it!

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I love it!! Tysmm

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No problem!
You want to have another design?

Yeah, sure!

how would you like it to be?

do meeeeeeeeeeee

I like it but can you add causoeh face in the back her it is
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okie dokie!