mayby a skibidi toilet bro-mon?

my friend likes skibidi toilet and its an idea from me to him so i hope hi like it
pls vote for my friend

@Dean_Smets i know you mean well…BUT HECK NO

I not sure that will be a good ideas because
Is Skibidi Toilet bad for kids?

Some younger kids might also find the floating toilet heads to be a little on the creepy side. Violence and scary imagery aside, the Skibidi Toilet series isn’t particularly worrisome or dangerous – but whether your kids watch it or not comes down to if you’re comfortable with the content as a parent
Not only me but a lot of people agree
but noice

okay you got into detail! :sweat_smile:

Got it from google

… really?


HOw lol

i hear you but skipidi toilet is brain-rot and has no educational value

bruh skibidi toilet is for 7 year old brain rot kids

bro your friend has 1000000000000 level of brainrot

oh my gyyat sigma meal skibidi slicer Ohio drizzler fanumtax

please no

Um, what the Sigma!

I thought it was “Erm, what the sigma?”

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oh god more gen alpha tablet kids :skull_and_crossbones:


I guess this what hell looks like, a lot worse than I thought it was like

my bad i replayed it and you are right