Meme Doggo Bro-Mon!

I have a new bro-mon idea:

Name: Doggoo
Rarity: Uncommon
Type: Fan Fave :raised_hands:
Phrase: “Pawsomely funny
Description: Straight from memes, Doggo is the most famous Bro-Mon dog, when he passes around, he is recognized by everyone and loves to make a good old joke with his friends.
Apparance: It’s a shiba-inu with wide eyes and very funny, it’s orange. ( I don’t have more ideas for the apparance )

@sweezy pls add it! Its inspired on shiba inu from the memes, you can add more ideas for the apparance and description :wink:

Lol no answers again :smiling_face_with_tear:

you should make the phrase ‘pawsomely funny’

yeah can be


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happens to me so much more, I feel you

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thanks, i was browsing in Sweezy Community then i founded that, i remembered what i totally forgot it, the same thing happened with Audaciray, NotiBell and some others…

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Happend on my first try announcing Llanguage llama and then the second time you responded <3

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so sentimental

Don’t matter for me

Please don’t spam messages

Fun facts with FluxTombo84, did you know that the shiba inu dog from the memes is literally DEAD??? Yes, the owner confirmed his death, search in google and you will find it.

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Yeah, so sad :frowning: