Moderation, for sweezy (Please check this post even if your not sweezy)

Hi @sweezy i just have a quick question what would it take for me to moderate the forums?
(if anyone wants to vouch for me just reply to the post with either +vouch or +rep)

Vouch you should be moderation because you care about the community

bro is helpful and supportive + rep


Hi @kaiser ,

I’ve noticed your active involvement here, and it’s appreciated not just by me, but by the entire community. As a token of recognition for your contributions, I’ve bumped up your Trust Level to 3. This upgrade brings a few perks, including the ability to:

  • Recategorize and rename topics
  • Access a secure category exclusive to Trust Level 3 and higher users
  • Have all your links followed (automatic nofollow removed)
  • Promptly hide posts from TL0 users when spam flags are cast by TL3 users
  • Automatically silence TL0 users and hide their posts when TL3 flags are cast on their posts with sufficient diversity
  • Make your own posts wiki, allowing edits from any TL1+ users
  • Enjoy a daily increase in like, edit, and flag limits by 2×

These enhancements aim to empower you further within our community. I believe this will be a good transition for you to gradually explore more possibilities. Who knows, in the future, you might even reach Trust Level 4 and become a leader, or perhaps a moderator.

Thank’s Im so gratefull for this and i will continue to contribute to the community

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Awesome, thank you too!

lets go kaiser got the premotion

uho kaisers a mod