Moderators Radom question what is it like to be a moderator?

i’m pretty curious since i’ve seen a few and I want to now what they do when on sweezy community so moderators pls respond

You just help around the community whenever you can :slight_smile:

so y’alls are kinda having the same job as @sweezy?

Not really. I don’t have any connection to the company as I’m just a volunteer who loves to help people :smiley:


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i moderate bad stuff if i was one
im the goat:

but u don’t have the badge?

Well, as a moderator, you have more options that you need to use to help community as @cloud say (Also im grateful to him because he helped me a lot with his posts), answer people’s questions, also the work to keep order when @sweezy is offline.

Know that we are not @sweezy , at least I have no connection with the company and there are certain questions that (I) cannot answer. We don’t have the power to add bro-mon or fix bugs, the most we can do is pin the post until they see it.

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i edited it 9999999999999 iq

u joined 4 days ago I believe u need to work here for a year before receiving the badge

i edited it

i drew my roblox avatar compare it and rate it a 1 to 10


  • what do you think?
  • great!
  • good!
  • meh
  • terrible
  • depends
  • idk
  • idc
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i’m not falling for it buddy you only have 4 badges right now and don’t have trust level if you did beat bro-mon talk to sweezy with a photo to say you did beat the game

Hey, please be nice.

He could have gotten all the Bro-mon before he joined.

alright just have hard time trusting people


cool new profile pic @Catstrophe

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