Monster peppa pig [DONE]

i think they should add monster peppa pig because i think it would be funny and scary at the same time and it would look really cool with the other bro mon’s and if its legendary than it would be a really cool bro mon it would be good if you add it


Nice idea i’m not a Peppa pig fan but good idea scary and funny at the same time! Don’t forget George!

Also maybe move this to bro-mons area because then people can vote if you want voters

yeah i agree peppa pig bro-mon would be awesone and a lil scary but also if your freinds use bro mon than mabye you could like do a meme contest or popular character challange but i feel like move this to bro mons great idea! i hope this is added.

also if they add it i hope they give it a scary like when it appears

yeah and it would look really cool and scary and funny and it would probaly be so popular so please add it i hope they give it a scary picture like a peppa pig and like a scary monster combined

YESSS AGREED! but like if they add it my goal will be to get it and i rly want catnap so bad

me too it would look cool and funny so yes i do agree and think u should add it and i think it should be a legendary or mythic

“Adding it would greatly benefit our progress. Please add it.”

yes i agree it would really help and look cool Please add it.

I agree great idea @Mega_bro

do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it

Has our Monster Peppa pig been added? because i saw someone with with a peppa pig bro mon which was called monstro peppa pig has someone copied us?

as far as i’ve seen no it has not be added maybe report this person who copied or tell a moderator

put this bro mon