More amazing digital circus pls

hey everyone,i dont know if anyone can see this,but if sweezy is seeing,pls add more the amazing digital circus cursors,also when i try to equip the caine cursor (it exists) a message appears saying that i cant add it and i need to try again later,but even if i wait and wait,i cant add it,so pls try and fix it and also add more amazing digital circus cursors,thank you :slight_smile:

Hey naughtyone!

Thanks a ton for reaching out and for your enthusiasm about the digital circus cursors! :circus_tent: We will add some new for you and all fans. I’d love to hear if you have any specific characters or themes in mind that you’d like to see transformed into cursors. Your ideas are super valuable to us!

Regarding the issue with the Caine cursor, oops, that’s on us. :see_no_evil: We’ve gone ahead and fixed it - thanks a bunch for pointing that out. You should be able to equip it now without any hassle.

Keep those great ideas coming, and thanks again for being such an awesome part of our community! :+1:

Hey sweezy!

thank you so much,i appreciate that a lot,i actully have some ideas of digital circus cursors and i think they are very cool!


-animated pomni cursor:the normal form would be pomni and on the click form it would be her having the breakdown with her eyes

-animated jax cursor:it would be similar to the caine cursor,but with jax and a spinning key

-animated gangle cursor:its normal form would be gangle’s mask cracking and the click form would be sad gangle

i have a lot more ideas but i dont want to make this comment huge,and sorry if this gives you too much work,if it does,then just make one of them,thanks you :slight_smile:

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Wow, your ideas for the digital circus cursors are nothing short of fantastic! :star2: I’m totally loving the creativity here.

Don’t worry about the length of your message or the workload – your ideas are what drive us to create better and more exciting designs. If you have more suggestions, feel free to share them anytime. We might not be able to create all of them at once, but we’ll certainly consider each one and add as many as we can over time.

Thanks again for your incredible input.

Keep being amazing!

thanks for the appriciation!

since i have lots of ideas and i can tell them all,ill do it,so here are them:

-bubble cursor:its normal version would be bubble,while the click verson would be his tongue sticking out

-animated kaufmo cursor:its normal version would be kaufmo and the click version would be him but abstracted (animated)

-animated ragatha cursor:again,it would be similar to the caine cursor,but with ragatha and a spinning knife

-animated zooble cursor:the normal form would be zooble,and the click form would be the clean filter moving

-animated kinger cursor:for the 3rd time,it would be similar to the caine cursor,but with kinger and a spinning pillow

-animated gloinks cursor:its normal form would be 3 gloinks together,for the click version,it would be the gloinks queen (or king idk) opening and closing its mouth

i cant think of any other ideas,maybe a break and ill come back with more,anyways problaly will take like,2 or 3 weeks for you and your group to make all these ideas,or even a month,so you can take as many breaks as you like,you can make some of my ideas and dont make some of them,and even leave to make them in 2024,thank you and your welcome :slight_smile:

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Absolutely love your ideas! The Bubble, Kaufmo, Ragatha, Zooble, Kinger, and Gloinks cursors sound super fun. We’re excited to start working on them. Don’t worry about the time it takes – good art needs its moment. Feel free to share more ideas whenever you’re ready. Your imagination really helps make our collection awesome!


can you also make country flag cursors my fav country is Morocco I live there sometimes

Hi! We’re currently working on things like this - and you’ll find such a collection soon.