More sports for people

we should add more sports ones

thats very awsome they should

Thanks for the suggestion! :+1: We agree that adding more sports cursors would be great, and we’re always on the lookout for new ideas. :thinking:

In fact, we just added a brand new cursor pack featuring the UEFA Champions League! :trophy::tada:
You can find it here:

Let us know what you think! :speech_balloon: And if you have any other ideas for sports cursors, we’d love to hear them. :ice_hockey::basketball::soccer::football::cricket_bat_and_ball::boxing_glove::martial_arts_uniform::boomerang::volleyball::rugby_football::ping_pong:

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no fair i asked for a cursor

Hey! We saw your idea for a cursor featuring Berthold from Attack on Titan and we’re just putting the finishing touches on it. After the weekend, it’ll be uploaded to the site just for you. :blush:


omg sweezys ur the best

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Warning: Our fire soccer ball cursor may ignite your love for soccer and make you want to score goals all day. We are not responsible for any sudden outbursts of ‘GOAL!’ or spontaneous soccer matches that may occur. :soccer::fire:

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Hey everyone! :baseball: Guess what? We just hit a home run with our latest addition – an animated Baseball Bat Hitting Ball cursor! Now you can knock your clicks out of the park and have a ball with this sporty new cursor. :computer_mouse::tada:

Ready to step up to the plate? Swing on over to

and add some major league fun to your browsing experience. Play ball! :stadium::joy:

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ooh cool can you do a volleyball one!

@sweezy Because have I fun at volleyball

Sure :volleyball:

:boxing_glove::computer::boom:Introducing the Boxing Animated cursor, guaranteed to add a knockout vibe to your browsing experience. Put on your virtual gloves and click your way to victory! Check it out here:

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:computer_mouse::cyclone::football: Touchdown!

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Hey puck-heads! :ice_hockey: We’ve just netted a game-winner with our new Hockey Stick & Puck Animated Cursor:

:computer_mouse::ice_hockey::goal_net: Hat trick, anyone?

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Game on! We’ve spiked up our cursor collection with the Volleyball cursor. Serve yourself some fun and check it out here:


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Get ready to shoot some digital hoops! :basketball::fire:

Fore! :golf::man_golfing: We’ve just added the “Golf Hole & Club Animated” cursor to our website

:computer_mouse: Check it out here:

Guess what? We’ve added that awesome Ping Pong cursor to our site! It’s like having a tiny game of ping pong on your screen all day long! :ping_pong::smile: Swing by and check it out here:

:bowling::boom: Who says you can’t score a strike with every click? Check it out our brand new Bowling cursor here :point_down: