My Bro-Mon extension is glitched! [Fixed!]


Hey @sweezy !
I’m here to talk about what happened to my bro-mon extension.

Let’s start from the beginning, I captured bro-mon (BroMon), the last mythical I needed to have all the mythicals. Then I needed to deactivate the extension for personal reasons (I deactivated it in the manage extensions section). After I reactivated it, shortly afterwards a Splashy appeared, from the new update, as soon as I captured it, the extension apparently stopped working! No matter how long or how many tabs I open, no bro-mon ever appears again! The bug has been happening for three days, and yes, I was online for those three days straight!

@sweezy , what could have happened? Because my friends’ extension is working perfectly…
Also I don’t know if this is about spawn rate, but I think it isn’t about it.

Hope this problem can be fixed

Guys i pinned for later
I really need help!

this happened to me too, nothing spawns at all

It’s a rare chance dude

I haven’t gotten much from the new update either, and I’ve been on nearly constantly


That happened to me when I caught a PainTyper and then nothing spawned for two days! But then today I caught a splashy plus ninjamaki so I think just give it time

I haven’t gotten a Bro-mon in so long too :frowning:

Woah PainTyper got added :smiley:
I saw the post

Good news: I caught MessMaker, by @cloud !

Hey @SophiaBeifong ,

Sorry to hear about the trouble with your Bro-Mon extension.

Have you seen any Bro-Mon appear since you posted this message?

We’ll review what changes were made in the last update that might have caused this issue. It’s unusual that you haven’t encountered any Bro-Mon for such a long time.

Please keep me updated if you catch any Bro-Mon.

During our testing, we didn’t encounter any issues, and I personally caught a Bro-Mon recently. Nonetheless, I’ll discuss this with our developer and get back to you with any ideas or if we need more information from you.

Thanks for your patience, and we’ll do our best to get this fixed for you!

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A day after I posted this message, a messmaker appeared, it had been four days in a row without a bro-mon

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@sweezy THANK YOU

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i haven’t beeen catching any bro-mon for 2 days straight so far

@sweezy i feel like the spawn rate has been decreased


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Well done :slight_smile:

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I think the more you get the changes decrease

no because when i played bro-mon for the first time I caught Monster CatNap in the same day I caught Doug and some others…

Mine is definitely bugged I once caught 13 bro-mon in one day….