My emoji golem still epic

Sweezy my emoji golem is still epic and I really want him to become legendary especially because I was the one who suggested it becoming legendary. accept idont because epic emoji golem is really rare now. but you should still look into the bug

Hi there,

I understand how you feel, especially since you suggested the upgrade to Legendary. The thing is, you caught it before we made the change to its Crush level, so it’s still Epic in your collection.

For those who caught it after the update, it’s already Legendary. I’ll check with our developer to see if we can update the Crush level in existing collections. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, and we’ll look into it further.

if you can great if you cant though that’s fine

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NVM PLEASE DONT FIX I like the flex of having him epic

I’ve already talked to the developer, and we’ll fix this. We’ll implement logic to update all user collections when there are changes in the monster characteristics.

Sorry, you won’t be able to keep it Epic anymore. But you still have a couple of days to flex with it.

you should screenshot it to flex it with image