My New Mon Idea


Guy-Mon Is Bro-Mons evil clone, he stalks the night catching Bro mon and turning them into his own evil version of them. The only way to defeat him is with the Mightiest mon of them all but it hasn’t been discovered yet. So the only way to defeat him is ____.

Crush: Mythical

Type: Webby

Looks Like: Bro Mon But Dark and has a red eye.

Name: Guy-Mon

BroMon has a brother already

wait what



thats a bro mon?

Soon or already is

well he has a second brother now

anyways cool idea!

actually sorry its a clone whoops

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clones shouldnt count as brothers

oki will work on another

cool idea


Woah they will add that too?
I’m not here for a few days and I’m already missing out on so much XD