Mythical Bro-mon Lounge

Hi everyone

Hello! I just had to stop by.

sup guys all have all the bro-mon

Doug people here

Screenshot 2024-05-22 9.51.08 AM

oh my god i have all mythics

What is up guys

You already know why I can join

Too bad i only have Fenrir

Wait what

I have all the mythics but not all of the bro mons

Taco-Turtle, Dimen-Spherr, Fire Donut Ace, and Bearoni. Those are the only 4 bro-mons i need

this should be for every one

i bet some people started or something


hi dude

i only need emoji golem doug bro-mon catnap firewallfenrir orbchrome and brrblaze

Yall need 7 more to that

New update!

welp i got 3