New Bro-Mon Idea - Amogus

Hello Sweezy Community! Thanks for checking out my new idea, because it inspires me to make more!
New Bro-Mon Idea:
Name: Amogus
Type: FanFave :raised_hands:
Rarity: Mythical :game_die:
Phrase: “Red sussy”
Description: idk sorry @sweezy will have to make it
Image: Among Us Yellow Twerk Animated Among Us Yellow Twerk Animated Among Us Yellow Twerk Animated Among Us Yellow Twerk Animated
@sweezy @SophiaBeifong @cloud @Catstrophe please see this :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s it copyrighted?

A game imitating Among Us on Roblox got sued and had to delete the game
What makes you think this is any different?

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The description could be:

On a spaceship called the Skeld, there was a group named Crewmates. Two of them were missing, and after a long search, they were found dead. The Crewmates realised that there was an impostor among them. They knew they had to be careful now.

Edited because it was too long.

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I love it

Thanks for the warning, but @sweezy already made a among us cursor, so why not a bro-mon, right?

whaddabout meeee :slightly_smiling_face:


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OMG @sweezy VOTED!!!

I mean I have Undertale as mine so…idk


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hahahahhahhahahahahahahahha i cant believe this monstrosity is gonna get added!!!

that is true and for the youtube watch bar

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yup, it aint copyright

that gif is tho to whoever made ir

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catastrophe is right the gif is so just use the normal among us crewmate

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sweezy made the gif

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it is one of the cursors and youtube progress bars, so sweezy made it, i think

lol :laughing: