New bro-mon idea: Audaciray the Sound Bro-Mon

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Name*: Audaciray
Type: Browsarrr
Rarity: Uncommon / Rare
Phrase: “Let the melodies warm you!”
Description: Meet Audaciray! This little ball of fire sings his heart out under the morning rays, excharging tunes with his sunbeam buddies like a pro! It is a maestro of melodies, serenading the dawn with his radiant tunes. If you’re a little bit down, just bask in Audaciray’s tunes and let the warmth of his music brighten your day!

Bro-mon only (1)
Bro-mon only (1)

:zap: @sweezy can make any changes, apparance, description… But please, add it! :zap:

Hello? Guys?
What all of you think? No comments :cry:

this is so awesome!!!

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how to make the drawings?

I used a website named “Kleki”.

“Hrmmm, i dont like furries. Also cool idea!”

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ -FluxTombo84

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