(New bro-mon idea!) - CalaClam -

Name: CalaClam

Description: "Swimming throught the west digital sea in the twilight layer, CalaClam emerges to feast on the upper layers, it was gifted with a protective shell and slimy tentacles and will rarely follow up on the surface, it is also a fierce rival to dapper squids and jelly eggheads.

Type: Wildify :herb: / Wotari :ocean:

Catchphrase: When you feel something crunchy in something soft

Its look so official

But of course it does! :wink:

@a_kid you need to stop spamming.

and I love the idea @FluxTombo84

uhh what did he do? i forgor :skull:

Iโ€™m like @SophiaBeifong and @cloud

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also when they had to get off I had to patrol from @colizy

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If remember him from yesterday

i still dont get what a_kid did

I need to not talk about me he spams

ik I felt like talking :sweat_smile:

heโ€™s spamming squidward gif everywhere

ohhhh yeahhh i get it now, he is also spamming in general :slight_smile:

yeah im annoyied like crazy

yes thats true

itโ€™s not offensive though so let him off with a warning

I did


Just flagged some his spam posts for โ€œspamโ€