New bro mon idea: HYDRAANT

I have a new bro-mon idea:

Name: Hydraant
Rarity: Rare or Epic (whichever fits better)
Phrase: “Snaking their way out of the fire”
Type: Oddballz :crystal_ball:
Description: Meet Hydraant, the ultimate fire-fighting, dog-scaring sensation! This triple-headed bro-mon is no ordinary hydrant, it comes with three snake heads that spit water faster than you can say “fetch,” it’s a dog’s worst nightmare and a firefighter’s dream come true! So, next time you’re in a fiery situation, just remember: Hydraant’s got your back.

I loved the drawing and as a fan of greek mythology would like to capture it


I love it!

I also can not write a description as good as yours! Keep it up!

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yw <3

nice profile picture :+1:

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Thank you everyone!

Hey @sweezy what do you thhink about that?

omg that looks amazing

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thanks :smiley: