New Bro-Mon idea: Complete guide


Hello, new Community members!
Im here to show a simple template for your new Bro-Mon

Title of the Topic

Your Bro-Mon topic name isn’t the bro-Mon idea: You can just put like this:

  • NEW BRO-MON IDEA: (name of the bro-mon here)

  • NEW BRO-MON IDEA: ( a very simple idea of the bro-mon, like: Sloth Bro-Mon)

Tip. Don’t forget to put it on New Monster Ideas category!



1. Name
The name category:
It’s where you put your bro-mon’s name, try to make it creative and related to your Bro-Mon’s characteristics. It is essential for a good idea!

2. Rarity/Crush
The Rarity/Crush category:

don’t judge bro-mon just by its rarity

This is where you enter the rarity of your Bro-Mon, image:


they can be classified into:

When the bro-mon idea is simple and doesn’t seem very rare (but that doesn’t classify it as bad)

When Bro-Mon’s idea is a little different (but cool, don’t forget what i said on the start of this category)

this is when the idea of ​​bro-mon is very different and they are not just any monster

This is when the bro-mon idea is strong and at the boss level

this is when the idea of ​​bro-mon is very strong and is a legend in the game

this is when the idea of ​​bro-mon is extremely strong and super difficult to appear

Every rarity comes with its own stats, so don’t create your own unless you are creating a new crush.

3. Phrase/Catchphrase

Is the small phrase that appears in the right corner of the bro-mon. Image:


It is the Catchphase, or just phrase.
It has to be small and very creative, and don’t forget to make it according to your bro-mon’s characteristics!

4. Description

It’s extremely important. You have to be creative, you can put different puns, jokes and related things. Don’t forget, it’s not like a Pokédex entry. Example:

On the pokédex version: This bro-mon has the ability to throw very powerful jets of water, in addition to scaring dogs that pass by on the street… […]

On the bro-mon version: Meet […], the ultimate fire-fighter dog-scaring sensation!

Ready! You summed up an entire sentence into a fun nickname! See, it’s not as difficult as it seems :wink:

5. Apparance

This is where you describe what your Bro-Mon looks like. You can also choose to make an image demonstrating your idea, or add both!

This is the part that I consider one of the most important for @sweezy to understand your idea, otherwise: Your idea may be very good but the community was unable to visualize it very well, so: give a good description of the appearance or even try to produce an image, even if you’re not very good at drawing.

I hope that this helped you :smiley:
Have a nice day

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I think this will help lots of people with ideas here, great job

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oh very nice sophia!

yeah that a great Idea

Didn’t I already make a template a while ago?

srry i didn’t see

It’s ok :slight_smile:


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