(New Bro-Mon Idea!) - HydrIce -

Woah 18 votes, thanks guys!!!

the stomach of it looks like a heater vent

Oh yeah, but it’s just the belly stripes some dragons have for some reason.

the stomach is red. and it has 2 lines that make it look like a vent

oh ok

canon alert

So true :slight_smile:

LET’S GO 19 VOTES! yay

It’s good but I think it has minimal chances of actually being implemented, it’s still pretty good. my opinion BrrBlaze is better :sweat_smile:

how could you say that?
BrrBlaze is just a foodie doug…

I’m not saying it’s bad

HydrIce better because it has unique design and is partially original.

partially, so was BrrBlaze, your idea is awesome, but 60 health?!?

Design was unique and good tho

I just said it’s a colossus, you can fight it with multiple people!
It’s not like its impossible to beat.

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ok yeah

Awesome to want that I just feel it could be awhile before it’s added, as we would need accounts for pvp


thank you