(New Bro-Mon Idea!) - Salsa-Mander -

Name: Salsa-Mander

Description: “This oblivious and funky creature loves dipping stuff in salsa! (it also likes the music) It will sometimes chip away at it’s skin and dip it into various flavor-filled holes in it’s body, these holes are also his weak points, it also has regenerative capabilities that alow it to keep eating itself for a lifetime until it becomes old.”

Catchphrase: “Mind if I cut in?”

Rarity: Epic :game_die:

Type: Foodie :hamburger:

Wow, this is a masterpiece

It is truly goated.

and take in the fact that it only took me aprox. 9 min to make!

cant believe this got the immidiate attention of a leader, wow

happens on like every idea post :sweat_smile:

unless it looks incredibly stupid

yeah you’re right

how hadn’t anybody thought of this before?
they already added TacoTurtle i don’t get why they didn’t keep going

fr :skull::skull:


thank you

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get this on top, please vote



Hey guys, please check out my Bro-mon ideas!

It’s cool, I promise!



people please see this i’m very desperate

I want it !!!

thank you for your support on the HydrIce idea!