New Bro-mon idea siuuu

Please @sweezy @SophiaBeifong add his two ideaaaaaaa

Name: larry-mon
type: Cosmix
rarity: epic/legendary
phrase: larry good and good
description: He is in the world of Clash humiliating everyone until he got tired and decided to try his luck in the world of Bro-mon but it was more difficult for him to arrive from another world.

Name: golem-valentin
type: Browsarr :compass:
rarity: legendary
phrase: golem for amour
description: His love in everything made him stronger, wanting to have everyone by his side, that’s why he decided to get them in Bromon where it was very easy for him to give kisses to others.


These are amazing ideas!

Ps. Even though I’m a leader, I don’t have the ability to add ideas to the game

u a fan fave @sophiabeifong

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