New Bro-Mon Idea! - Snapchat Ghost? [DONE]

Name: SnapGhost or Ghosty or something
Idea: Its the snapchat app logo… pretty simple
Description: Don’t leave me on delivered + other stuff
Rarity: Epic or Legendary cuz snapchat is yellow and like legendary is yellowey orange im kinda colour blind idk
Design: Snapchat Ghost

Originally @Forbidden
@sweezy @asz @kaiser @cloud

Gussy u are popping off rn dude less go!

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We need this

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my idea first

Yes, @Forbidden is my friend, he came up with it weeks ago.
Here’s the link to his post:

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ye this is fake the forbid guy posted like 7 days ago

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didnt know soz

didnt know ;c

It’s alright.

all good but can u tag me in the post?

ye bet

soz cant re edit D:

oof I hope sweezy understands that this was originally forbidden’s idea D: