New Bro-Mon Idea - Sour Patch Kid

New Bro-Mon Idea:
Name: Sour Patchy
Rarity/Crush: Rare
Catchphrase: ‘Sweet but sour, yummy to devour!’
Description: @sweezy might have to come up with it because I can’t think of anything sorry
Image will be drawn by @somebodyXDXD so credits to him when he posts it! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is just a copy of my Official Bro-mon Poll.

Oh sorry I didn’t actually know that was there

It’s ok, but isn’t it pinned for everyone?


oh wait nvm

yeah i see now sorry

i’ll take this down

this appeared what should i do

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Don’t worry, you don’t need to delete. Just link my post :slight_smile:

thanks for understanding, but i might just change it to something else like a new bro-mon idea bc I wouldn’t want to cause any confusion.

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ok i changed it

I love this idea!!

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@somebodyXDXD are u able to draw this anytime soon?

welp this topic is quite dead lol :skull::neutral_face:

nice idea!