New Bro-Mon idea!

Name: Sun-Cycle
Description: Behold the Sun-Cycle, a radiant marvel that embodies the very essence of solar energy. Picture a celestial bicycle, its wheels spun from golden rays, and its frame ablaze with fiery hues. When Sun-Cycle appears, it bathes the surroundings in warmth, leaving a trail of sun-kissed pixels.
Rarity: From rare to legendary, Sun-Cycle stands as a beacon of brilliance. Its rarity level is akin to spotting a comet streak across the digital sky—a momentous event that leaves Bro-Mon enthusiasts in awe.
Type: Sun-Cycle defies conventional categories. It’s neither webby nor foody; instead, it’s a webby, a fusion of cosmic energy and pixelated mechanics. Imagine riding this luminous contraption through cyberspace, leaving trails of sunshine in your wake.

How it looks like: