New Bro-Mon Monster Idea (Fred)

Hi everyone in the sweezy community, and hello sweezy! I wanted to suggest a new bro-mon monster idea for a future update because my friend suggested Doug and now I think he needs a companion! Fred is a Grey dragon, he is Doug’s friend but they are complete polar opposites, one of Fred’s main attributes is that everything that is within a 5 metre radius of him becomes mono tone, he travels with his large dragons wings. Doug is an exception though, he is the embodiment of colour and doesn’t cower before Fred. They became friends and always hang out with Doug leading Fred into the world that was before scared of him.

Just an idea though, if your not bothered to read that, then it’s basically Doug but monotone. Thanks for making my browser fun again sweezy, love your work!


Really cool idea!

Name: Fred
Idea: A monotone dragon that is a lot like Doug because they are friends.
Description: Fred is a big Dragon that was created in the same way as Doug, however, he was created as a monotone dragon, which were feared by most, not by Doug though, to this day they are best friends. (Any additions that you want to add are okay)
Design: (I am bad at drawing so I’ll leave that to you!!)

Hey guys love the community but make sure to vote and support new ideas to get them added to the game.